Sunday June 8th from 9am til 4pm
at Napredak Hall/Park
770 Montague Expressway
San Jose, CA

(Must be registered guest to attend)

Saturday June 7, 2014
from 6pm til 8pm
Drinks At Red Robin Bar
(at Rivermark Plaza)

2014 Eggfest Class Schedule
  9:45am-10:30am "Big Green Basics" class
with Darry Smith owner of Eggs by the Bay
11:00am-11:40am "Grilling the perfect Lamb Chop" demo
with 2012 People's Choice Champion John Yee 
2:00pm-2:45pm "Modern Day Butchery/Meat Selection"
with professional butcher Ed Ferncik

-All Classes are free to all paid attendees
-All Classes are held in the class section of the Eggfest

Hello Everyone!

Wow, just seems like yesterday when I was speaking to a local Egger buddy in front of my house about throwing the 1st California Eggfest in 2005.  We thought we'd hold it in a backyard somewhere for a couple of years until it grew.  Well we didn't realize the popularity of what we were dealing with, we had over 125 registered guest within a few months...and we were forced out of the backyard before we were ever there, LOL.

I’d like to talk about our upcoming 9th annual Eggs by the Bay Eggfest in 2014.

Just like in years before, one must register to attend.  We are cutting off registration at 300 guests to help control the size of this ever growing event.   I repeat "We are only accepting 300 registered guest this year, so get your registrations in to insure you are in".  This year's Eggfest is going to be held on Sunday June 8th. If we can get additional Eggfest cooks we will open up attendance to 300 plus. We also encourage attendees to enter the Eggfest before 12 noon June 8th.  We have in the past had several guest arrive late afternoon and complain of a lack of food....food comes off the Eggs at 10am til 2pm.  So please come early and enjoy the day.

Your first choice is to cook or simply attend.  Attendees pay a flat admission fee that allows them to eat  (sample food) and drink all day.  If you elect to be an Eggfest Cook, your entry fees are waived for you and your family.  Eggfest Cook instructions are listed below.

If you've never been to a Eggfest before, you're really in for a treat.  First rule of thumb is PACE yourself, LOL.  There will be food coming off the Eggs all day on Sunday, from 9:00 - 4:00, and it's easy to get excited about a certain dish and want "just another bite", but be forewarned, you WON'T leave hungry.  It's hard to not try everything that's put before you, though, especially with all of the wonderful food that you're going to find folks cooking there. We will be offering free sodas, beer and water to all attendees all day long.

On Saturday, we'll gather for the Meet and Greet at the Red Robin Bar just outside the Eggfest Hotel, Hyatt House at Rivermark Plaza. 
The Meet and Greet is just that.... a small gathering of folks just spending couple of hours getting to know each other, all while sharing a beverage or two.   

 We will have several out of town guest staying in this hotel so it’s a easy place to gather.

On Sunday, the lighting of the eggs will be at 9:00 at Napredak Hall/Park. Food will begin coming off the eggs within the hour.   The registration table will be located at one
of the first tables as you walk in, please take the time to come by and pick-up your name tags

Basically, if you choose to be an Eggfest Cook, it works like this....

Register you and your party as "Eggfest Cooks",  Eggfest Cooks (and their crews, up to 5) do not pay to attend.
Eggfest Cooks will have a new Big Green Egg to cook on the day of the Fest. 
Simply inform the Eggfest attendant when you arrive to pick up your name tag that you are an Eggfest Cook. Someone will direct you to your cooking station.   if you need help or have questions, just ask us If you've never cooked at an Eggfest before you'll want to bring anything you need to prepare your food (mixing bowls, measuring spoons, ingredients for your cook, folding chairs etc), anything you'll need to cook your food (tongs, spatula, rib racks, dutch oven,
indirect setup, etc), we will supply everything you will need to serve your food (paper plates, utensils, napkins, etc).  Please be aware of handling food safely and keeping your work areas clean.  If your ingredients need to be kept cold, you'll need to bring a cooler.  We won't have any refrigerators! We will have extra ice brought in throughout the day if needed. If you have specific needs will try to accommodate you as well as we can. 
Back by popular demand from last year will be our "Eggfest People's Choice" awards.  Attendees will have several (5) PC tickets to award their favorite Eggfest Cook that day...after sampling several throughout the day.  PC awards will be at 4 pm with a nice recognition to our Eggfest Cooks for a day full off food, music and fun arounf the Egg.

Napredak Park offers a nice shaded area in which we will hold the day’s festivities, so overexposure to sun isn’t a problem.  There will be plenty of seating and tables there as well.  Pets are allowed on leash, but must be kept out of the food areas of the festival.

The Eggfest will be broken into 3 sections that will run into each other, the “Cook’s Pad” will be a central attraction.  On each side of the cook’s Pad you will find the Eggs by the Bay “Egg Store” section, in which all the Big Green Egg Accessories and Tables will be featured for sale.  On the other end of the Eggfest we will hold several informative Demo classes related to the Big Green and it’s use.  These classes will be app 30 minutes in length.  There will be a class schedule posted 3 weeks before the Eggfest on the Eggs by the Bay website, classes are free to all paid Eggfest attendees. 

The Eggfest Eggs that will be used that day will sold at a substantial discounted rate, these Demo Eggs can be bought in advance and are limited in supply.  Please see our Eggs by the Bay website under the Demo Egg tab for further details.   Demo Eggs go on sale Mar 1st, 2014. 


Darry Smith
Eggs by the Bay


Napredak Hall/Park
770 Montague Expressway
San Jose, CA

(ask for Eggs by the Bay rate)
Hyatt House at Rivermark Plaza
3915 Rivermark Plaza
Santa Clara, CA 95054


If you have questions about this year's
Eggfest, feel free to contact us at

We are always looking for volunteer help at our Eggfest, if you are interested in helping the day of the Eggfest send an email to us and we can explain how that works.  Setting up and tearing down are the main chores will deal with, we try to let our volunteers enjoy the Eggfest itself as much as the paying crowd.